Welcome to Our New Member Engagement Platform,
SAC Connect!

We are excited to launch this new platform to our members!

As our membership continues to grow, we are proud to announce the launch of our new member engagement platform SAC Connect! This new portal offers increased member value through a more user-friendly, engaging experience. SAC Connects allows for greater connectivity, knowledge sharing and transparency among the SAC community. We will transition from our old site to the new site in the coming weeks and will continue to update you regularly through discussion boards and community forums. Continue to watch this space over the coming months to see new video content, informative webinars and insightful blog posts from staff and members! 

Upcoming Phases of Transition:

  • Phase 1 - June 26 - Official launch of community portal.
  • Phase 2 - July to September - Launch of advanced member and community portal features, such as multimedia, blogs and external event registration.
Member Next Steps:
In order to get started with SAC Connect, please complete these 5 initial steps: